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  1. One-time payment with no additional fees
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  3. Barcodes ready for use in a matter of minutes
  4. Certified, previously unused EAN numbers
  5. Barcode label printing
  6. Free registration of our EAN numbers
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Buy EAN barcodes

Buying retail barcodes (EAN) from us is very quick. After your order is completed and we receive your online payment, we will immediately deliver purchased barcodes to you by email. Within a few minutes, you’ll have a barcode that you can immediately use for online sales (e.g. on Amazon) and in the vast majority of retail stores anywhere in the world.



How are barcodes used

European Article Numbers (EAN) are the international standard for product labeling. The 13-digit number identifies the manufacturer and provides information about the product.The seller links a barcode number and product information in his system and when the barcodes is scanned (or the number entered manually), product information is automatically displayed.



For your absolute certainty...

All our barcodes are legitimate and come from the same original system as GS1 codes. Each number is checked before sale to ensure that the purchased code is not being used illegally by someone else.

When you purchase our barcodes, you will receive a Barcode Certificate that will identify you as the owner of the purchased barcode numbers.

Barcodes in Retail Sales

As soon as you incorporate your barcode into the product’s packaging, you are ready to sell in retail stores as well as on the internet. We will send you your barcode numbers and images in four convenient graphic formats in high-quality 600dpi resolution. You will be ready to sell in a jiffy.

The International Barcodes Network

Barcodes Czech Republic is part of the International Barcodes Network. IBN has over ten years of experience in barcode retail, works directly in more than 60 countries worldwide and has customers in over 120 countries. Our barcodes are accepted by more retailers around the world compared to other barcode suppliers. All barcodes sold by are sourced from the IBN.

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About Us s.r.o. is an International Barcodes Network company that exists to help grow small businesses by providing premium barcodes at affordable prices with no annual fees.

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