QR codes (and other 2D barcodes)

QR code

QR (Quick Response) codes can be scanned with smart phones and automatically triger various functions. The most common is an automatic connection of a smart phone with a URL address. Scanning a QR code can also automatically create events in a calendar, initiate a payment order, add contact information, initiate a phone call, send text messages and other functions. We can encode any information you need into your QR code. When making an order please write the information you want encoded in your QR code into the box called “additional information.”

Please note that if you need to encode more information, the QR code dimensions will be larger. QR code measuring 3x3cm nebo 4x4cm can easily hold a URL address or several lines of text while ensuring good readability. If you wish to encode a business card VCard or VCal event in your calendar, the size of the QR code may be a bit larger. If you have questions please Contact us.

We will create simple QR codes automatically and send them to your email in a matter of minutes. We will create manually any complex QR codes, or QR codes that our system for some reason cannot handle automatically. This may take up to one business day depending on the time of day of your order.

To ensure longer usability of your physical QR code graphics we recommend you select a QR code with redirection capability – so called dynamic QR code. This will allow you to change the address where your QR code is pointing at a later date without the need to change the QR code itself. Dynamic QR codes also allow you to track every visit to the particular URL encoded in the code.

How to order and use a QR code

Web pages (URL)

If you want your QR code to point to your web page by, please write the URL address in the “additional information” box on the oreder page. You can also send the address to us later by email.

Business cards (VCards)

This type of QR code is used for sharing electronic business cards. Scanning the QR code with a smart phone will display the details encoded in the electronic business card. The user will then be able to add the contact information to his/her address book.

If you need your QR code to function as a VCard or MeCard, please write this information in the “additional information” box on the order page. Please include the following details: (Note: if you need the dimensions of your QR code to stay small, e.g. 3 cm x 3 cm, please only include basic contact information.)

Address: (Street, City, Zip code, State)
Telephone number:
Mobile number:
E-mail address:
Page URL:

Event (VCalendar)

If you want to encode information about an upcoming event, please write the following information in the “additional information” box on the order page:

1. Name of Event:
2. Short Description:
3. Place/Venue:
4. Date and time of event:
5. Date and time when event ends (optional):


QR code size

83 / 5000 Translation results If the QR code is printed on a business card, it can be relatively small (eg 3×3 or 4×4 cm). If the QR code contains a large amount of data, e.g. long text or long URL, the QR code needs to be slightly larger for better scanning. (If your QR code contains a long website URL, you can shorten it using a URL shortener such as Goo.gl).

QR codes can also be used on billboards or posters that people can scan from far away. In this case, you will need to create much larger graphics – perhaps 1 meter square. 82 / 5000 Translation results You can tell us the intended size of the QR code in a note when creating the order.

Before bulk printing or publishing QR codes, please always test them to make sure they work and can be scanned easily. If you experience problems, please let us know.

If necessary, you can resize the QR code graphics – reduce or enlarge them.

Other 2D code types

QR codes are the most common type of 2D code we sell. However, we can also produce other types of 2D codes at your request. If you require a different type of 2D barcode, let us know when placing your order. We are able to supply you with the following alternative types of 2D barcodes:

  • PDF417
  • Data Matrix
  • MaxiCode
  • Aztec code