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We will create your QR code images automatically and send them to your email inbox within minutes after you place and pay for your order. For the automation to work, we need you to provide the URL or other information you want us to encode in your QR code. If you do not provide this information with your order, the automation will not work. We will remind you to supply your information and your order will be fulfilled manually. This may take between 1 and 12 hours depending on when you order.

Please select the number of QR codes you need and add that quantity to the shopping cart below. On the checkout page there is an “additional information” box where we ask you to provide the URL or other data you wish to have encoded in your QR code. Standard Static and Dynamic QR codes are created automatically. More complex QR codes or codes that contain more information (such as V-cards) may need to be created manually.

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Your QR Code images with encoded information will be emailed to you in 5 different formats (.tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf, and .eps).

QR Code Images
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Quantity Price per image
1 440 Kč,-
2-4 350 Kč,-
5-9 290 Kč,-
10-24 159 Kč,-
25+ 109 Kč,-


For website URLs we offer TWO types of QR codes – STATIC and DYNAMIC (using our URL hosting service)

Static QR Codes

  • URL address of your page is encoded directly in the QR code
  • will work as long as the URL of your target page does not change
  • unlimited scans
  • other things (text, V-card, sending an email or sms  text message) can be encoded in static QR codes as well. See our info page for more.

Dynamic QR Codes

  • Dynamic QR Code Service allows the target URL to be changed when needed, the QR code itself stays the same
  • unlimited number of scans (this feature disabled in case of abuse, e.g. very large numbers of automated scans that may cause overwhelmed or crashed servers or other technical issues)
  • lifetime functionality – dynamic QR codes including redirection is provided FREE of charge for two years. Afterwards there is an annual hosting fee of 220Kč. Your QR code will work as long as the fee is paid
  • unlimited redirection of target URL – you may request at any time that the URL you specify during purchase be REDIRECTED to a different URL. This can be done as often as you need. Each redirection is provided for a fee of 220 Kč.
  • Tracking reports – we can provide you with information that helps you analyze the use of your QR codes: how often they are scanned, what time of the day is most popular, in which countries are your QR codes being scanned etc. TRACKING REPORTS are only available when you order Dynamic QR codes.

Are you looking for a customised QR code? Use this link.

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