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Senzoor – Let us help you protect your loved ones.

Firma Senzoor Czech s.r.o. develops and produces sensors that serve a wide range of everyday life applications. One of these is a simple device for seniors, who spend majority of their time on their own and who need to be able to call for and receive help in case of an emergency. At the touch of a button, the user sends a message to specific people and receives feedback that the message was delivered/received.

Compared to a mobile phone, Senzoor Push has several key advantages:

  • One-touch call for help capability Pressing one button contacts up to 5 people one after the other.
  • It does not need to ba charged and lasts a whole year without maintenance.
  • Compact dimensions and low weight make the device ideal for carrying at all times, e.g. around one’s neck or as a bracelet.
  • Easy controls that can be used even without glasses by touch. The device is able to confirm that the distress call was received.

In the words of the manufacturers themselves, “We want our own parents and grandparents to be well cared for. In the same way we are ready to provide great service to our customers. This includes the care for their devices and developing the range of services we are able to offer them.”

Products manufactured by Senzoor Czech are successfully sold with EAN codes from We were happy to answer a few questions about our experience with implementing barcodes.

Why did you choose

We chose because they provide Czech support and because of the clarity of their service presentation. Also it was really easy to place an order. Order order processing was fast and we received our codes immediately via email. We needed to get barcodes quickly and also to find out how they are to be used.

Have you been working with EAN codes since the establishment of your company?

No, we didn’t start using them until about a year after launching our online sales. Our products are not sold by any retail network yet. We started using EAN barcodes in order to optimize our online sales and marketing.

Where can customers purchase your products?

In our e-shops and

Have you encountered any problems concerning barcodes?

No, we have not. Senzoor Senior Push

Would you recommend to other customers?

Yes, we would. We received friendly and helpful customer support, with clear answers to all our questions. Everything was done quickly and we received our codes via email in less then 30 minutes.


Do you have questions about EAN codes? You cancontact us or you can simply and easily order your barcodes in our friendly online shop.