ITF-14 Carton Barcodes


ITF-14 barcodes are 14-digit barcodes used on delivery carton boxes. These boxes contain a given number of the same retail product on the way to stores. ITF-14 barcodes are sometimes called Shipping Container Codes (SCC-14), Carton Codes, or GTIN-14 barcodes. Your retailer will scan the ITF-14 barcode on each shipping carton when it comes into their warehouse. The ITF-14 barcode will tell them how many units of your product are contained in each shipping carton (e.g. 12 bottles of wine). This information will then be recorded in their inventory management or logistics system so that they can keep track of what stock is in their warehouse. The ITF-14 numbers are usually created from the EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode number of the retail product that is transported within the container or shipping pallet. Up to ten different ITF-14 Barcodes can be created from one EAN-13 number.

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    Product description:

    •  ITF-14 barcode images for the outer delivery cartons that contain your retail product
    •  ITF-14 barcode images in a standard size in 4 different formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF)


    Please enter your EAN-13 barcode number, UPC-A number or ITF-14 number into the “additional information” section when you proceed to the check out page. We will use this to create your ITF-14 barcode. If you are purchasing an EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode at the same time as an ITF-14 barcode, your ITF-14 barcodes will be generated automatically.

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How do I know which ITF-14 barcode goes with which EAN-13 barcode?

Take your EAN number, ignore the last digit (13th digit) as that is a checksum of all the other numbers, and take a look at the 3 digits before the checksum. You will see that these 3 numbers are the same on the EAN and the related ITF. The rest of the number is the same as well except that the ITF has a 1 in the first position.

For example: 

EAN 0799439079083 has ending checksum digit 3. Ignore this last digit; the barcode ends 908. It’s corresponding ITF would also end 908 and then have a checkdigit added at the end. In addition it has a 1 at the front so it would look like this 1079943907908x (where x is the checkdigit). In this case the checkdigit is 0, so the final number is 10799439079080. 

Please note: when our automation produces the barcode images, it includes the check digit in the image, but leaves it out of the file name – so in this example, the images would be named 1079943907908