Barcode artwork test

Barcode artwork test Part of our range of services is providing a barcode artwork test for our customers. We print out your product labels and test them to make sure they are easily readable by barcode scanners. This product is not an official Barcode Verification Report, which is required by some retail chains and which we can provide for 1300Kč per barcode.

However, we use the same testing devices for this test and the information provided is identical. The barcode artwork test will give you the assurance that your barcode is of good quality before you start printing it in large numbers. If the artwork does not meet the standards, this test will help you determine what the problem is. If you are interested in this product, please select the number of tests according to how many different barcodes you need checked.

Please send us your product labels with your barcode images in a PDF format after you place your order (our email address is [email protected]). The PDF file must be in an A4 format or smaller. The product label shoiuld be in its actual size. We will print out your artwork on a high-quality laser printer, test it, and send a message with results back to your email.

  • Barcode artwork test

    Product description:
    • Test of the quality of barcode image on product label.
    • Test report includes the analysis of the EAN or UPC image.

    After placing your order, please remember to send us an email with graphics and product labels in a PDF format. 

    Digital product:
    • Free email delivery
    • Order turn-around time is two business days from receiving payment
    Barcode artwork test
    (price does not include VAT)
    Quantity    Price per barcode
    1 440 Kč
    2-4 350 Kč
    5-9 290 Kč
    10-24 159 Kč
    25-49 109 Kč
    50-74 59 Kč


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Take a look at some sample test reports. Quality levels range from A (excellent) through C (OK) to D and below (poor quality).

Test result – Quality level A
Test result – Quality level B
Test result – Quality level C
Test result – inufficient readability level
Test result – Unacceptable right margin (quiet zone)
Test result – Modulation and magnification problem