Standard Barcode Numbers


On this page you can purchase EAN-13 barcode numbers. This product includes the sale of numbers ONLY and does not include images. If you require barcode numbers with images included, please buy EAN-13 barcode packages, UPC Barcode packages, CD barcode packages & DVD barcode packages (each one includes free registration).

Remember that every different product or product variation requires a different barcode number. You will most likely need a separate number for each product variation (such as various sizes or colors).

Please note that these numbers can be used as Global Location Numbers (GLN Numbers) if necessary. However you would need to purchase a separate number for this.

  • EAN-13 Barcode Number (No images)

    Product Description:

    •  Globally unique 13-digit EAN barcode number
      Does not include barcode images (can be ordered separately)
      EAN from UCC inventory (with GS1 prefix 07)
    •  Certificate and proof of ownership
    •  Free EAN barcode registration

    Digital Product:
    • • Free delivery by email
    • • Delivered immediately after payment is received
    Barcode numbers only (no images)
    (price excluding VAT)
    Items    Price/item
    1 429 CZK
    2-4 399 CZK
    5-9 349 CZK
    10-24 279 CZK
    25-49 229 CZK
    50-74 149 CZK
    75-99 99 CZK
    100-199 79 CZK
    200-249 59 CZK
    250-499 49 CZK
    500-749 39 CZK
    750-999 29 CZK
    1000 19 CZK

    Please contact us to get individual quote for orders over 1000 barcodes.

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