Your Barcodes CZ Guarantee

Unique, previously unused EAN numbers guarantee
Our numbers are sold only once, they are previously unused and will not be sold to other customers. From the moment you buy one of our barcode numbers you are the sole legal owner. This is your Barcodes CZ Guarantee.

We do not charge you membership or any other fees
We do not require any membership from you and we do not charge you any annual fees. After paying for your order barcode numbers become your property.

Global EAN numbers
Our EAN numbers can be used anywhere in the world and our UPC-A numbers are suitable for use in the United States. It is possible that larger resellers may set restrictions on barcodes they use. If you have any doubts, please check with your reseller to see that our numbers can be used with no issues.

Test number
You can get a test EAN number free of charge (click here). You can easily verify that our numbers work for your intended purposes.

Your EAN is protected
Before we send you your EAN we check each number to verify that it has not been previously used unlawfully. No one else has the right to use the number of your purchased barcode without your permission.

High quality barcode graphics
We will send you standard barcode graphics from us in 100% size and in 4 different formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF). If necessary, we can provide you with additional formats or sizes.

Competent customer service
As a customer of you are in good hands. If you have any questions about barcodes for retail or online trading, please call us or write to us.


The origin of our barcode numbers

The EAN numbering system has its roots in North America. A company called UCC was established in the mid-1970s and it set the standard for barcodes and barcode numbers. The original codes were 12-digit numbers called UPC codes, which are still commercially used in North America. UCC was responsible for issuing and managing UPC codes. They sold their numbers to customers and entered them in the UCC customer database as legal owners of each UPC number.

Later a similar organization was created in Europe and started using 13-digit numbers. These numbers were not sold, but leased to customers for an annual license fee. Each customer was listed in the EAN customer database.  At the beginning of the year 2000, both companies joined forces and established a non-profit organization called GS1. GS1 merged the North American UPC and the European EAN barcodes systems and began calling both UPC and EAN barcodes by the term GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

Since two business models and two customer databases were merged, it was decided that the barcode numbers sold by UCC prior to August 28, 2002 will remain the property of the original customers forever without the need to pay any additional fees. Both customer databases were merged into the GEPIR database.

The International Barcode Network resells unused numbers from the original UPC stock. These are bought directly from their original owner and, unlike current GS1 numbers, can be resold without annual fees.