Amazon Barcodes


Our barcode numbers are fully compatible with Amazon’s barcode requirements. All our barcodes are individually checked before a sale to ensure that they are not being used illegally anywhere in the world.

You will need one barcode for every individual Amazon listing. If you have different products or product variations (that require different listings for each), you will need the same amount of barcode numbers as products.

These barcode numbers are also suitable for retail products in online stores and regular stores in the Czech Republic as well as elsewhere in the world.

Please note: the product below includes only the standard barcode number (EAN-13 or UPC-A if you prefer). It does not include the barcode graphic – the actual barcode picture with black lines and white spaces and the barcode number underneath. If you plan for Amazon to stock and ship your product, you will need both barcode numbers and their corresponding images! You can buy these Barcode packages here. If you are stocking and shipping your product yourself (i.e., receiving orders from Amazon only) then you will only need the barcode numbers sold below.


  • Amazon Barcode Numbers

    Item Description:

    •  Globally unique 13-digit EAN-13 barcode number
      Does not include barcode images (can be ordered separately)
      EAN from UCC inventory (with GS1 prefix 07)
    •  EAN barcode guarantee certificate that can be used as proof of ownership
    •  Free EAN barcode registration

    Shipping and handling:

    This item will be delivered to you by email immediately after your payment
    is received. There are no additional shipping or handling costs.

    Price in CZK (including VAT):
    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 499,- CZK
    2 479,- CZK each
    3 + 459,- CZK each
    5 + 419,- CZK each
    10 + 359,- CZK each
    20 + 279,- CZK each
    50 + 169,- CZK each
    100 + 109,- CZK each
    150 + Please contact us


Our clients use their barcodes to sell various products on as well as  Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia. You can see partial list of products here.


After we receive your order we will email your Amazon barcode numbers to you. You can then assign your barcodes to your products, and start listing your products on Amazon using these barcode numbers. You can begin using your barcode numbers on Amazon straight away – all you need to do is type the barcode number into the form when making a listing for your product on Amazon. Later, Amazon will assign their own identification number – an ASIN (an Amazon Standard Identification Number) – to your product.

Here are a few suggestions that may help when creating new Amazon listings:

  • You might need to enter our barcodes in Amazon’s system as UPC (that is as a 12 digit number without the leading zero). Both 12 and 13 digit versions of the number are the same and both belong to you.  Amazon may prefer the 12 digit version at the moment.
  • We have been advised by some of our customers that Amazon require their website address (URL) on the barcodes invoice. If you would like your website address printed on the invoice please let us know when you purchase barcodes or later.
  • You may want to register with Amazon’s Brand Registry, as it may make it easier to have products approved on Amazon, and to reduce the occasional problems with barcodes.

Amazon recently started requiring the use of barcode numbers (13 digit EAN or 12 digit UPC) as unique product identifiers. Prior to that anyone could list a product using any barcode number, as long as that barcode number wasn’t already being used for another product on Amazon. This caused problems for sellers with legitimate barcode numbers, if they found their number had been unlawfully used by someone else.

More recently, Amazon seems to be allowing branded products (big brands) to be listed only with barcodes used by the original brand – possibly to prevent pirating or illicit listings. To enforce this policy, Amazon now checks barcode numbers more thoroughly, but the implementation seems to vary a lot. Recently one of our customers was asked to provide further proof of ownership of one of his barcodes even though he sells three products with our barcodes on Amazon. Apparently he was able to provide the needed proof of ownership and the problem was solved.

We do not know where Amazon is heading with their barcodes policy. We hope they will keep allowing sellers to list products using legitimate and verifiable barcode numbers like the ones we sell. It is possible that Amazon becomes more restrictive, and stop accepting our barcodes in the future, but we do not anticipate this.

Thousands of our customers are using IBN barcodes on Amazon and we have not heard of any barcode issues from them. Amazon has confirmed that our Amazon barcode numbers are acceptable and meet their standards.

Our customers also continue to be able to use our barcode numbers to list new products on Amazon. We presume this is because if Amazon decides to check our barcode numbers then
1) they show up on the GS1 database thus proving the number is of GS1 origin (even though the listing is not up-to-date and shows only the original licensee) and
2) because our customers can list product details alongside their barcode at, which helps prove to Amazon that their barcode numbers are legitimate.

To provide additional security we can offer you a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you buy our barcodes and then find they can’t be used on Amazon (with us helping to get past any minor problems or questions if they arise), then we will give you a full refund.


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Feel free to make contact if you have any questions.