Code128 and Code39 Barcodes Code128 and Code39


Here you can purchase sequential Code128 and Code39 barcodes (images) for asset tracking. Both formats generate a sequence of numbers (e.g. 0001 to 1000) and the corresponding images.  These barcodes are used in libraries for easy book inventory, on gym membership cards or for asset tracking in larger companies and organizations.  They are usually printed on labels and then manually attached on the tracked items.

When ordering please specify your preferences in the “Additional information” field:

•  your desired number sequence and
•  which of the two barcode graphic formats you prefer


Please note: both barcode formats (Code39 and Code128) can encode letters and numbers. However, Code128 can encode larger amounts of information into smaller barcode numbers.  If you have limited space for a barcode on your product or item you should use Code128.  In addition, most barcode scanners can read both codes well, but some may have difficulty with Code39 when it is encoded with letters.

If you have questions about this type of barcode graphics please contact us – we are happy to help.

You can purchase Code39 or Code128 barcodes here.